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Do you know the feeling when you come home after a long day and the fridge is empty? No problem! Just give us a call and we'll fill it up before you get home. Or we come by every week, so it can never come to an empty fridge.

Autoschlüssel an Valet geben

Your laundry is piled up and you do not have time to worry about it as you jump from one meeting to the next? We bring your laundry in the cleaning and also cleaned and ironed back. The only thing you have to do is calling us.


Your car needs urgent cleaning as you drive to a wedding right after work? But you have no time to wash it yourself, because you still have to work on an important project? How about if we picked you up with a limousine?

Those are just a few examples of our services. Basically you define our service.

Hotline +41 79 858 18 18

Premium Services

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Cinema / Theater / Opera

Whether you want to go to the cinema or to the theater, we can book tickets for you if you do not have time. How about if we pick you up with a limousine as well or for a date?

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Table reservation

Today is Valentine's Day and you have not prepared anything yet? Do not worry, we'll take care of everything: flowers, chocolate, cake or maybe even an unforgettable helicopter flight? You wish, we deliver.

Travel / hotel

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, we take care of everything. We book your flight and bring you comfortably to the airport. Even for the further transport at the destination will be taken care of. And while we're at it, we'll book you the right hotel. Well, how does that sound to you?

Hotline +41 79 858 18 18
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About us

For Jimmy Tran, founder and CEO of Mr. Smith, quality of life comes first. But in a day-to-day life characterized by obligations, challenges and expectations, the key to the most important personal resource is increasingly sliding out of our hands - time for yourself.

With Mr. Smith, therefore, a service provider was created, who knows how to give his customers time - the most valuable asset of all.

Gründer und Geschäftsführer

As in every company, someone is needed in the backoffice to master the administrative challenges. This is where our dear Jenny comes in. She is the helping hand in the backoffice as well as in bottlenecks and takes care that everything has its place. She also helps with the coordination and research of various orders.

She is the sunshine of our company.

Her motto - Every person is unique, so I approach every job with the utmost care and attention and make the impossible possible!

Direktorin & Marketingleiterin



For Pierre-Erik, project manager and coordinator, happiness and joy are what we all want to achieve in life, but this happiness is only achieved through a calm mind. That's why he knows how important it is to keep things running smoothly and not to worry.

His experience comes partly from his work in the strategy department at government level and partly from the security field, where absolute discretion and confidentiality are top priorities.


However, most people know him as very sympathetic, energetic and always willing to go the extra mile.



One call and your life gets much easier!

Hotline +41 79 858 18 18

Opening hours:

Mo – Fr 08:00 until 17:00

(By arrangement of course also bookable outside the opening hours)