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BlueCab Service

Do you know this moment when you just drank the third or fifth glass and realize that you still have to drive home because you still need your vehicle the next day, but are not allowed to drive anymore?

Exactly for these situations we have created our BlueCab service.

A call is enough and one of our professional chauffeurs will drive you home safely with your vehicle.



HOTLINE: +41 79 858 18 18


We offer our BlueCab service under the following conditions:

CHF 15.- basic tax
CHF 6.- / minute

The approach will be charged with CHF 2.- / min, if the pick-up location is further than 15km from the Zurich main station away.
5 minutes waiting time are included. You will be informed by us, 5 minutes before arrival.

At high utilization - empty travel possible:

Should we be fully booked, there would still be the possibility to drive your vehicle empty (empty, ie without you as a passenger) home.
This means that we will drive your vehicle home as soon as we have capacity again. So you are independent of time and can decide for yourself when you want to go home. Once we have returned your vehicle, you will receive an SMS from us.

BlueCab at events:

We are also happy to assist you with an EVENT with this service, just come to us and we will provide you with the right package.



Opening hours for the BlueCab service:

Mon - Wed 21h00 - 01h00 (only open with reservation)

Thu: 21h00 - 02h00 (open every week)

Fri:  22h00 - 02h00 (open every week)

Sat: 22h00 - 02h00 (only open with reservation)

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